Authors of New “Lean” Book Stop in Chicago

Nearly every founder of a startup company knows about the lean startup method since entrepreneur Eric Ries, and others, penned books and blogs about it.

The goal of the “lean startup” method is to reduce wasted energy, financing, and time during the formative months of a fledgling company.

The authors of a new book, The Lean Entrepreneur, stopped by Workspring in downtown Chicago as part of a national book tour to promote their publication. Authors Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits say their book offers new methods of thinking about lean startups which are applicable to small and large companies, alike, at various points of execution.

Cooper and Vlaskovits presented marketing segmentation tips, new case studies, and a method called the “Value Stream,” all of which are in their new book.

Among others, the publication is endorsed by serial entrepreneurs Ries, who wrote the foreword, and Brad Feld, founder of TechStars. ❒

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