Chicago Health Atlas: Using Technology to Promote Wellness

Daniel O’Neil, executive director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, says that there are many ways in which digital developers can create products that bring in revenue while, also, contributing to the public good.

One such project he’s overseeing is the Chicago Health Atlas — a mapping tool with information about various health conditions and access to resources online. Currently, O’Neil is working with a developer based at 1871, a technology incubator located in the Merchandise Mart.

The atlas is designed to help policy-makers, health practitioners, and community advocates with detailed information about the health challenges of their particular communities, and possible solutions of how to best overcome those challenges.

The data technology project, funded by the Sprague Institute, will contain health records stripped of personal identifying information gleaned from a variety of public health data resources including local hospitals, and connect them to geographical mapping points.

Technical details, including digital platforms and algorithms used to create the Chicago Health Atlas, will be unveiled on Tuesday, November 6, at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) symposium (November 3-7, 2012) in downtown Chicago at the Hilton, 720 South Michigan Avenue. ❒

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