Chicago’s Sisterhood of Business and Tech

Attorney Daliah Saper says the biggest pain point for many entrepreneurs is not knowing what they own.

“They enter into agreements with friends without formal parameters,” says Saper. “This leads to ambiguity, and the question of who, actually, owns the final work product.”

Saper is a member of Ms. Tech ― a group of more than 300 women who learn from one another, teach, and share experiences within their passions of business and technology. The women, who are professionals in a variety of fields, also recommend one another to other members seeking expertise.

Co-founded in October 2010, by Nicole Yeary and Lisa Russell, Ms. Tech currently boasts several hundred members, including “some of the most talented women in tech, digital media and technology-related fields.” Membership to the group is obtained through an add-on by another member within the closed Facebook group.

Ms. Tech meets every last Thursday of the month. The most recent event, titled, Embracing Entity Entaglement, covered the basics of establishing a business, tips on preparing for legal obstacles, and insight in dealing with other co-founders. Panelists included Alexandra Eidenberg, co-founder and President of The Insurance People and a US Congressional Candidate for the 4th District of Illinois; Melody Ashby, Senior Attorney at Meyer Law and an expert in corporate law; and Daliah Saper, an attorney recognized for her media and entertainment expertise.

Recently, the group’s organizers adopted a more formal leadership structure to help steer Ms. Tech’s agenda, of fostering “experienced sharing” and resources, in the right direction.

“Now that we’ve established the Ms. Tech council, we’ve had multiple sponsors reach out to us to sponsor events,” says Yeary “We ask members to suggest which topics they would like to see the events built around.”

A previous Ms. Tech gathering, called Sweet on Startups, and hosted by Groupon, featured the female founders of several emerging companies including Lori Cheek of Cheek’dEllona Fearson of Lovendar, and Sarah Press of ProjectFixup. ❒


  • Nicole Yeary says:

    Thank you for stopping by our Ms.Tech event at Saper Law, after your busy day at 1871!
    We are honored that you are sharing a bit of our story with your audience.
    (Plus, as you know, I’m personally a BR fan!)

    Thanks again, Rose & Blackline Review Team!

  • Saper brings up such a good point!

  • Daniela says:

    What a great group of ladies! I am new to Chicago and this group is full of awesome, savvy, tech ladies coming together to help each other.

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