Social Media Expert Shares Digital Media Marketing Tips

Social Media is not just for sharing vacation pictures, posting how you feel, or poking friends. It is also one of the most important marketing tools for businesses today. Companies big and small have been rushing into social media. They have invested time and money in strategies and dedicated staff to carry out that mission. But for many of these companies, success can be elusive and doesn’t happen overnight.

According to Mana Ionescu, President of Chicago-based digital media marketing firm LightspanDigital, it takes patience, planning, a clear message, and most of all, an appealing story.

At a gathering at TechNexus in Chicago’s Loop, Ionescu discussed her own successful campaigns using Facebook, Twitter and emails. Ionescu also gave some insights into social media strategies that can help any big or small company build contacts, friends and followers.

While many companies have rushed into social media, many are still on the fence or unsure about how to begin. Ionescu says companies and individuals who have not tried social media need to get beyond the fear and uncertainty, and just do it. ❒


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