Gel Tech Coats for Pets and Dating Site for Nerds at Funding Frenzy

At an entrepreneur event, called the Funding Feeding Frenzy, eight startup companies present their ideas before a panel of venture capitalists and angel investors. Projects include a digital storefront app, job search apps, as well as gel-technology coats for pets, and a dating site for nerds.

In this news montage, we compress nine hours of activity into a five-minute piece.

The investors rate each of the ideas as “fundable”, “still fishing”, or “go fund yourself”. They include Christopher Ziobehr of Caldera Investment Group, Craig Bradley of Wildcat Angels, Chuck Corush of Colonial Funding LLC, Ron Kirschner and Konstantin Kostov of Heartland Angels, Mike Moyer of Lake Shark Ventures, David Beazley of Synergy Financial Partners, Les Teichner of The Chicago Group, and individual investors Bob Davidson, Will Goldstein, and Glenn Gottfried. ❒

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