Founder: “The Solution is Us” (Part 1 of 2)

Fresh off the plane from a trip of five continents, Jeff Hoffman, founder of the travel portal,, addressed more than 100 entrepreneurs at 1871. Hoffman, who exuded warmth an humor throughout the evening, was in Chicago as the featured speaker for the second installment of Startup Grind Chicago — the local chapter of an international organization of “wanna-preneurs.”

Here, in Part 1, Hoffman talks about: 1) Leaving the corporate job; 2) The global rise of entrepreneurship; 3) Dealing with failure, and; 4) Entrepreneurship as a career.

“Jeff Hoffman was unbelievable last night. Mesmerizing, engaging, funny,” said Tom Denison, director of the Chicago chapter of Startup Grind and host of the monthly Fireside Chat. “He provided inspirational, educational and actionable insight.  If everyone enjoyed the evening half as much as I did, the night was a huge success.”

Watch Part 2 HERE


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