Real Estate Broker Launches Site of Creative Startup Workspaces

The fun, campground-themed offices of Red Frog Events, a River North company which specializes in throwing large-scale unique events, was the launch pad for Chicago Creative Space, an online site featuring some of the most creative and innovative startup workspaces in Chicago.

The brianchild of real estate broker, Max Chopovsky, Chicago Creative Space will feature videos of offices and interviews with architects, space planners, interior designers, and the people working within the office space. The site will serve as a showcase for up-and-coming startups who are ready to make the move from an incubator setting into their own offices.

“Chicago Creative Space is a community of companies that wants to help the next generation of entrepreneurs,” says Chopovsky. “We serve as a best practices repository for entrepreneurs to help them understand how successful companies before them have done it.”

A panel, which included Kevin Willer of 1871, Howard Tullman of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Eric Papczun of Performics US, Troy Henikoff of TechStars Chicago, and Alex Campbell of Vibes Media, discussed their own experiences with company culture and office space. ❒


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