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FOREST PARK, ILAirCast Mobile is an award-winning mobile media company offering both hardware and software solutions. Originally founded in 2009 as a provider of mobile local TV, the company has pivoted to offer a mobile video and photo service for the owners of internet TVs.The latest version of AirCastLive enables mobile users to store photos and videos in the cloud, watch them at home on their internet TV’s and, with the click of a button, immediately transfer them to the internet TV’s of family and friends.  In addition, users can send quick video messages directly from their smart phones to internet TV’s and other electronic devices.

Key Facts & Information:

  • AirCast Mobile has launched 3 products within 6 months of receiving funding.  The first two apps, AirCastLive and JamCast, were priced to attract users who can easily be converted to full-paying customers once the 2.0 version of AirCastLive is released from beta.  The AirClip is a steady-cam mobile accessory and continues to gain momentum in the marketplace.  AircastLive launched in June 2011, Jamcast launched in July 2011, and AirClips launched in May 2012.
  • The current AirCastLive and Jamcast apps make it easy for users to post videos on You Tube.  Both apps default to the AirCastLive YouTube channel so there is no need to log onto YouTube.  Videos are sent with the click of a button.  The iPhone 4 requires a 5-step process to upload a video to YouTube.
  • The current AirCastLive app enables iPhone and Android users to post photos and videos on YouTube or in personal e-mails.  It’s in the Amazon app store, Apple store, and Google Play store.  The JamCast iPhone app enables users to record and share live music on YouTube or in personal e-mails.  It’s in the Apple store.
  • The soon-to-be-released 2.0 version of AirCastLive enables users to store videos, photos, text, and any online content in the cloud and send them at their convenience to internet TV’s, social media portals including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and in personal e-mails to any computer device.  In addition, AirCastLive enables users to send video messages in real time.  Users can capture precious moments with their kids on video and immediately send messages which pop up on the internet TV screens of grandparents and other close relatives and friends.
  • Currently, there are more than 1 billion smart phones in the world including 100 million smart phones in the U.S.  245 million Americans use the internet.  86 million internet TV’s were sold in the U.S. in 2012.  Samsung alone sold 35 million internet TV’s in the 3rd quarter of 2012.  Comcast is the largest cable operator in the U.S. with 35 million customers.
  • The current AirCastLive app is free.  The Jamcast iPhone app sells for 99c.  The new version of AirCastLive will sell for the following annual renewable fees: 99c to download the app and receive 1 gig of storage; $19 for 20 gigs; $39 for 40 gigs; $99 for unlimited storage.  The AirClip sells for $20.  The cost of goods sold is 26c per unit.  The AirClip could potentially be used on Android smart phones, GPS devices, or any consumer electronic products that users want to hold with 1 hand.
  • Currently, the AircastLive app has 10K users.  The JamCast app has 2500 users and generated about $2500 in revenue.  Since its launch in May 2012, 1500 AirClips have been sold for $20 apiece in the U.S. and Europe and generated 30K in revenue.  The AirClip is advertised in banner ads on Amazon and on 10 million cable TV boxes.  The AirClip was designed for the iPhone and eventually will be adapted to different versions of the Android.
  • Michael Linhardt is the founder/CEO of AirCast Mobile and a 15-year veteran of the mobile industry spanning carrier, infrastructure, and digital entertainment companies.  He currently works at Hewlett-Packard (HP) managing HP’s major accounts in Chicago.  Prior to HP, he ran Rovi’s mobile/consumer electronics business selling to the major TV and blu-ray accounts on the East Coast.  He’s the former VP of Sales for the North American division of IKIVO, a mobile TV company where he was an advisor to the FCC for a new mobile TV broadcast standard (ATSC-MH) which was approved, but never gained market adoption. During his tenure at Nortel and Nokia-Siemens Networks his team sold and built the first 2G GSM network (T-Mobile) and the first 3G UMTS/HSDPA Network (ATT wireless) in the United States.  Michael is a serial entrepreneur.  AirCast Mobile is his 6th startup.
  • Tucker Snedeker is a serial entrepreneur and a 14-year veteran of wireless content and mobile TV technology.  He’s a former VP of Sales at mobile TV provider Bluestreak Technology and a former senior-level executive at the mobile TV division of TV Guide.  Currently, he is Director of Business Development at the Myriad Group, a social mobile company with over 2.5 billion users.
  • AirCast Mobile has the following competitive advantages:  They own 7 trademarks and 3 patents.  (Patents are pending on both the 2.0 version of AirCastLive and the AirClip);  They have 1st mover advantage and allow user-generated content.  Neither of the dominant players, Apple or Google, allow users to send videos or personal video messages to their internet TV’s.  Apple TV focuses exclusively on paid premium content such as Netflix, Pandora, the Wall Street Journal, and various sport feeds.  The only exception is that they allow users to send photos from their iPhones to Apple TV’s;  The management team has extensive mobile experience with  startups and in corporate America;  The company has numerous key strategic partnerships.  See below:
  • The AirClip is manufactured and packaged by two companies in Chicago.  The AirClip is advertised in banner ads on Amazon.  TinyLightbulbs promotes the AirClip on its website.  The Home Shopping Group (HSG) promotes the AirClip on its website and in national TV infomercials.  Rovi provides a TV guide for cable TV and makes it possible for the AirClip to be advertised on 10 million cable boxes nationwide.  Apple’s Cult-of- Mac chose the AirClip as one of their favorite products for 2012.  99designs showcases the AirCast Mobile website in their national TV commercials.  AirCast Mobile is in discussions with a major cable operator and 3 brand name TV manufacturers to gain an exclusive license and pre-load their AirCastLive cloud application onto internet TV’s and/or cable boxes.  AirCast Mobile has received extensive media coverage from Amazon, CNET, Cult of Mac,  the Home Shopping Group, INPEX Showcase, and 99designs.
  • Initially, Michael Linhardt raised 20K from family and friends.  Subsequently, LkCo, Inc. invested 150K.  AirCast Mobile is seeking 1MM to hire talent and for sales & marketing. ❒

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