Startup Leadership Program Graduates Batch of CEOs

Imagine a class where everyone is a chief executive officer-in-training. The Startup Leadership Program (SLP), a highly-selective six-month training program, has that type of classroom.

It prepares would-be, and startup, entrepreneurs to become effective corporate leaders. The focus of SLP is on the person — not the company.

The international program, which began in 2006, has a global network of fellows, mentors, and investors in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, India, Taiwan, Australia, and Israel. Selected participants pay a fee to offset the cost of meals, case studies, and classroom materials. In the U.S., fellows pay $375.

This year’s Chicago graduates include Dennis Ai of JiveHealth, Dinesh Ganesaraja of PreScouter, Lakshmi Bhargave of Roomations, Adam Kraft of GeoPollster, Eyal Amir of Faspark, Kate Janeczko Gruber of Twotara, Eric Zabinski of DermBids, Moses Hohman of Human Practice, Sujata Emani of Cleveland Whiskey, Zach Haller of Found in Town, Brian Busche of GottaGeddit, John Morgan of Motozuma, David Wiley of Nu Flow Midwest, David Jacobson of Veridigm, Jason Weedon of Gorilla Gourmet, Kadesha Thomas of Care Content, Scott Mandeland of Snapclass, and Chris Benes of rVibe.

Chicago SLP program leaders are Brian Bauer, Lisa Curran, and Moses Hohman. Since its inception, SLP Fellows have founded 300 companies and raised $200 million worldwide. ❒

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