StartupGrind Chicago Director Attends Silicon Valley Gathering

Tom Denison, director of the Chicago chapter of StartupGrind, recently joined hundreds of entrepreneurs, educators, and forward-thinkers at StartupGrind 2013 — an event to exchange ideas, forge friendships, and to hear startup icons such as Steve Blank.

“It’s our entrepreneurs and founders helping each other around the world. We had attendees from over 20 countries. China, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, Scotland, to name a few,” said Derek Andersen, founder of the international organization of StartupGrind. “We had founders and speakers from Brazil, Atlanta, Singapore, Boston, and so many more. They all gave of their time and energy to support these amazing people.”

Chicago joined the international community of StarupGrind in the Fall of 2012, kicking off the Windy city’s version of the musical and lecture series with entrepreneurs Ross Kimbarovsky, founder of CrowdSpring, and Jeff Hoffman, founder of of Priceline. Currently, StartupGrind chapters exist in 15 countries. ❒

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