The Magic of Howard Tullman

If you’ve never met Howard Tullman, you should. People want to hear what Tullman has to say — not only because he is a business man with enviable successes in entrepreneurship, education, and cultural endeavors — but, because, Tullman exudes raw honesty, open friendliness, and urban edge. Tullman recently paid a visit to 1871, as the speaker at StartupGrind — an international organization with a series of monthly networking events for entrepreneurs. In Chicago, the “Grind” is organized by local director, Tom Denison, who selects the local speakers for StartupGrind very carefully.

“Howard is particularly special because he has been a part of so many startups, I think 12, with a collective exit of $1.2 billion,” says Denison. “He is also very involved in education, including founding Tribeca Flashpoint, which is particularly relevant to our audience.”

Denison describes Tullman as a polymath — a person whose expertise cuts across a broad range of subjects. Tullman speaks for nearly an hour, five minutes of which we present in this video summary. He unwittingly makes the audience laugh in the beginning, and leaves them with food for thought at the end. “I hope that attendees leave with something actionable, not just great stories,” says Denison, “that our audience can leave with at least one nugget of inspiration, education or connection that can directly apply to their startup, their entrepreneurial efforts, their lives.” In Tullman’s case, nuggets dispensed that night, are gold. ❒

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