VCs Talk: Preparing to Pitch to An Investor

You have a great idea, and are searching for a technical co-founder. How do you protect your vision from being copied by someone else? This was just one of many questions on the minds of entrepreneurs at an event called “Venture Debt and Venture Capital” where a panel of venture capitalists — Gabe Greenbaum of New World Ventures, Andrew Perlman of Great Point Ventures, and Mark Solovy of Hercules Technology Growth Capital — gave advice on how founders can prepare themselves, and their companies, before pitching to investors. Steve Collens, senior vice president of The Pritzker Group moderated the interaction.

“You can post your general idea while having a one-on-one conversation with people, you don’t have to broadcast to the world what you’re doing,” says Gabe Greenbaum. “Go to pitch events and happy hours here; ask people what they’re interested in, find out about their skill set.”

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