What New Executive Director Sam Kennedy Wants For Techweek ’13

Last year, Sam Kennedy was a volunteer at Techweek. This year, as Executive Director of Chicago’s biggest tech conference, he is the figure behind the brand.

Kennedy, although quite friendly and gracious, is a man of few words. Or, it could be that the time of day, during the interview, was an especially stressful time, given that it was the first few hours of the conference, and he was being pulled in many directions. He asked us to limit our inquiry to three questions, which he briefly answered, and, then, smiled a lot.

Clearly, Kennedy is clearly pleased to see the growth of the conference this year ― in the numbers of both attendees and exhibitors. He reveals what his end goal is truly all about ― the milestone which would mark the success of Techweek’s 2013. ❒

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